Bad Dog was Colonel Cragg's second in command during their military service, and served with him on the Liberty Squad.

He constantly wears a collar around his neck and possesses superhuman "toughness," which likely consists of enhanced strength and endurance. He served as a pallbearer for Mr. Articulate, although he had a mild dislike for Mr. Articulate, due to his intelligence and expansive vocabulary. As this suggests, Bad Dog is known for having a temper, and has sometimes been shown to enter an almost feral mental state.

Bad Dog was shocked and saddened to learn from Cragg himself that he was responsible for Mr. Articulate's death and the other series of murders. Cragg then offered Bad Dog to help him destroy the inhabitants with Henry Hate's Hate Bomb, in which Bad Dog refuses and reports his revelations to Tommy Lindo and the townspeople.

Following Cragg's death, Bad Dog visited Zombie Zeke and asked him to not have his longtime friend buried next to the deceased villains, in which Zeke promised.




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