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In the 20th century, the Badhnisians had a strange form of government, largely based on magic, and they used signs and portents to elect their leaders. The Badhnisians were polytheistic.

Quote1.png It's an island nation in the South Sea. War-torn. Corrupt government and police force. Crime is rampant. Constantly the source of super villain attacks, but no real costumed heroes to speak of. Quote2.png
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Badhnisia is a small and obscure island country, in the South China Sea, in the vicinity of Indonesia. The main land mass is large enough to encompass a variety of terrains, with miles of rolling hills and farmlands, steaming jungles, one mountainous area, and a great deal of dry flat land. The capital city and smaller towns feature much Arabic-influenced architecture.


In the 20th century, the Badhnisians had a strange form of government, largely based on magic, and they used signs and portents to elect their leaders.[1] The Badhnisians were polytheistic.[2]

In the first half of the 20th century, a group of priests from Badhnisia kidnapped the infant Johnny Thunder, who was the seventh son of a seventh son, born at 7 a.m. on the seventh day of the seventh month in 1917. They had been looking for someone born at this time on this day, because such a person would be the "chosen" one, in accordance with their religion. Johnny was given possession of the genie-like "Thunderbolt" during a mystic ritual on his seventh birthday, which was intended to allow the Badhnisians to use Johnny to rule the world. However, the plan was soon aborted after an attack from Agolea, a neighboring country. Johnny eventually returned to the United States of America and lived an un-extraordinary life until one day, while washing windows, he inadvertently summoned the Thunderbolt with the magic words cei-u (pronounced "say you"), which he accidentally used to become a famous and popular hero.[3]

In the early 1950s, Johnny was kidnapped again by the same group, now with the intention of executing their original world-conquest plan. Johnny managed to summon Superman, and the would-be conquerors' plans were defeated, although they had already installed Johnny as King of Badhnisia. Johnny spent some time in Badhnisia afterwards, teaching the Badhnisians about democracy.[4] Some time later, Johnny renounced the throne and returned to America, after Badhnisia had elected its first president.

In the 1980s, Badhnisia had come under the ownership of Pol St. Germain, an ex-Nazi who kept the Badhnisians in death camps and used the island to make a profit with tourism. Badhnisia was abandoned after a volcanic disaster caused by St. Germain, and only one girl, named Kiku, who was adopted by Johnny, was the last remaining Badhnisian.[2]

Prime Earth

In the modern day, Badhnesia was a democracy, with President Mishra as its elected leader. She was voted out of office in a rigged election, and in turn refused to leave office. Seeking to protect his superior's investment in the rigged election, Lok sent the Suicide Squad (with recent additions from the captured Revolutionaries) to execute President Mishra.

However, the new members of the team, the Revolutionaries, had other plans. They killed Lok's puppet president and in turn rescued Mishra, who was revealed to be the mother of team member Aerie.[5] They faked Mishra's death, reporting to Lok that Mishra had died at their hands.

Points of Interest

  • Bonadah Mountains



  • The spelling of this nation has fluctuated between "Bahdnisia" and "Badhnisia" for as long as it has appeared in comics. In Flash Comics #20, it's "Bahdnisia."

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