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Baern is an alien criminal locked in the Phantom Zone.

An alien from an unknown planet. Baern killed hundreds of his own people, before coming to Krypton. Jor-El managed to banish him to the Phantom Zone and destroyed Baern's physical body, leaving him a wraith.

In 2006, Baern managed to escape and arrived on Earth, where he quickly took over the body of a teenage boy and killed the kid's friend. For the next six weeks, Baern went on a manhunt for Kal-El, whom he eventually found in Smallville.

Baern tried to kill Clark, but the presence of Raya and his limited power supply kept him from it. However, Baern was able to solve his energy problem, by absorbing the energy from the black box and headed to Clark's Fortress for a rematch. Baern was successful in killing Raya, but Clark managed to use his father's crystal to send Baern back to the Phantom Zone, before he could kill Clark.



  • As a Phantom Zone wraith, Baern was first portrayed by CGI and then by Bow Wow (who played his host, Lamar Johnson). Baern was never shown in his true form.



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