Quote1.png I still remember those white eyebrows going up in utter surprise. It was almost worth being turned into a monster. Quote2.png
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Bak Mei was a Shaolin warrior monk, Grandmaster of the Phoenix Eye Fist, and one of the five that escaped the destruction of the first Shaolin temple ordered by the emperor of Yongzheng in the 18th century.

He later betrayed his fellow monk and assaulted the second Shaolin temple in the emperor's name, confronting Grandmaster Jee Sin in a battle to the death.

When he heard that one of the Emperor's soldiers Yang Kei-Ying, was inspired to be trained to become a Grandmaster himself, Bak Mei could only mock the man and stated "You can barely hold a spear! Training you would be a waste of time!" The young man ran away swearing to prove him wrong.

At the time that Yang Kei-Ying returned, he learned the young man visited Song Shan, the base of operations of the Seven Scribes of the Cloudy Satchel, and that the boy had changed. As he ordered the deserter to be killed, the young man split into seven and confronted his former master. The White Brow Master was presumably killed by the Seven Deadly Brothers.




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