Bal Gand was one of a group of ancient Daxamite explorers who were sent out to explore the cosmos and make peaceful contact with various races of different planets. During their travels, the explorers were forbidden from mating with genetically compatible extraterrestrial races for of dangerously tampering with alien races. However, Bal Gand fell in love and mated with a human Mayan warrior named Juyu on Earth during the years of the ancient Mayan Empire and became pregnant with his child. Not wanting a superpowered Daxamite/human hybrid to be born on Earth, she chose to leave and return to her home planet of Daxam where her planet's red sun would render the child powerless. After landing she programmed her ship to return to Earth in the case her people would not accept her child.

However, her child was born and lived to die of old age on Daxam and eventually bore descendants that would be known for producing those who longed for space travel despite all opposition that led to a civil war across the planet until eventually travel off planet was banned. Her latest descendant, Mon-El, would be one such descendant who used her abandoned ship to travel to Earth and escape from Daxam.





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