Baldy Getzmore was a rum runner during Prohibition. When it was repealed, his source of income quickly "dried up." To continue living the luxurious lifestyle that he was accustomed to, he began a life of crime as the masked Owl. He hoarded his loot until he was ready to fence it, but soon became nervous thinking the authorities might catch him. To throw off any suspicion, he called the police as a victim, stating the Owl had left his calling card, and threaten robbery later in the evening. The police came to Getzmore's estate to protect him, but when the house lights blacked out, and then back on again, the Clock opened the safe to see if the valuables were still there. What he discovered was the stolen money and the mask of the Owl. As Getzmore ran away, Captain Kane shot him in the legs and took him in to custody.





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