Bamboo Monkey is a member of the Brotherhood of the Fist, a group who wanted to kill Connor Hawke.

His talent and ability is comparable to the master I-Ching. He was able to defeat Robin and Nightwing in combat, but despite his speed and ability, he fell before the skill of Conner Hawke.

After his defeat, Bamboo Monkey led his clan to a tournament to challenge Connor, Lady Shiva and Richard Dragon. The clan never reached the finals, but regained notoriety when Richard Dragon, spoke of how dangerous was the Bamboo Monkey. He appeared again, when he was personally invited to the competition of archers known as Blood of Dragon. He attended all rounds of the competition, went mad during the competition and was disqualified.

The Bamboo Monkey supposedly killed a friend of Connor Hawke's and was shot in the chest by an arrow.



  • Bladed Bamboo



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