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The Bandage People were ghost-like members of the Doom Patrol.


George and Marion originally lived a carefree life together in Amsterdam in a commune with other like minded people, but this changed when they were met by a mysterious man who persuaded them into working for him. George, Marion and their companions were brought beneath the Pentagon where an agency known as the 'Builders' enslaved them and put them to work building an inverted Tower of Bable beneath the Pentagon. This would involve George and Marion being stripped of all their physical form rendering them as beings of pure energy, save for their eyes, mouths and hands. Their energy was then contained within a wrapping of supernatural bandages.

After many years of working the Builders would suddenly become distracted by other forces tapping into the ancient magic they had being trying to harness. In the confusion George, Marion and the others escaped with the help of an angel named Eliot that was also held prisoner of the builders. With Eliot staying behind to cover them, the bandage people fled until they found refugee in the Rainbow Estates.[1]

When the Doom Patrol elected to use the Estates as their new base of operations, they invited the Bandage People to become members of the team.[2] During their tenure with the team, the Bandage People assisted a young Metahuman named Coagula against a neophyte super-villain who called himself Codpiece. After helping her to defeat the Codpiece, the Bandage People invited Coagula to join the Doom Patrol.[3]

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