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Quote1.png Come for me, cowards! In the afterlife you can boast you were slain by Bane. Quote2.png
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Bane was a dangerous mercenary who uses a drug called Venom to enhance his great physical strength.

He is a member of the Suicide Squad and an enemy of Batman. At some point during their long rivalry, Bane was once able to beat Batman in a fight and break his back, an injury from which the Dark Knight ultimately recovered.[1] The Batman Family developed a powerful nerve toxin intended to be used against Bane.[2]

He was later captured and incarcerated at Belle Reve Penitentiary in Louisiana. On more than one occasion, Bane was among the inmates recruited for missions with the Suicide Squad by government agent Amanda Waller. She later fielded a new version of the Task Force X, consisting of Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Bane, Doctor Polaris, Chimera, Ms. Clay and Coyote.[3]

After his defeat, Bane was imprisoned at Blackgate Penitentiary by the GCPD. Against the will of Commissioner Gordon, the military soon began to move him to another location on Amanda Waller's orders, who was planning to use Bane for another mission with her Suicide Squad. Even though he had been sedated, Bane was able to break loose and kill all the soldiers who were supposed to tranfer him.[4]

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