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Bane is an notorious super-villain who used his intellect and immense strength, enhanced by a drug called Venom, in his pursuit for power.

During the global Anti-Life Virus outbreak, Bane joined forces with Vandal Savage among other notorious surviving super-villains, forming a league (dubbed by The Creeper as "Tree Lobsters") of their own amidst the techno-organic viral pandemic within Savage's base of operations, the volcanic terrain of Ball's Pyramid, in pursuit of outliving the apocalypse and inherit whatever's left on Earth.[1]

However, when an infected Wonder Woman had discovered and breached their headquarters, Bane and the Tree Lobsters were forced to escape the infiltrated Ball's Pyramid, fleeing through Mirror World into safety and arriving at a survivor-settled orphanage in Bludhaven, wherein the daughter of his teammate Lady Shiva, who is Cassandra Cain, was currently at the time with other survivors led by Commissioner Gordon. In dealing with the situation at hand, the surviving super-villains and the anti-heroes alike concurred to stay in the orphanage and band together against powered undead, like Wonder Woman, by training each and every orphan to both attack and defend themselves against the Anti-Living.

With their agreement to form the Unkillables, Bane was tasked with teaching the orphans with his knowledge, which included a "less conventional" lesson about "why humankind brought the fall of civilization on themselves." Three months has passed, Bane has found his new life within the orphanage as a teacher, though some children still found some difficulty to listen on due to his own mask making his words unintelligible, eventually prompting Bane to finally take it off for good. During his night patrol, however, Bane found Ace the Bat-Hound to be barking aggressively. Much to his confusion, Bane failed to realize that the threat Ace was warning was behind him all along, revealing to be an Mirror Master. With a swift slash on his back, Bane screamed in agony as Mirror Master infects him with the Anti-Life Virus.[2]

Under the control of the Anti-Life Equation, Bane ran outside the orphanage building and proceeded to tear down the orphanage's walls, allowing an opening for the infected to invade the survivors' settlement.[2] With the Anti-Living horde behind him, the infected Bane charges towards the survivors in rage, only to be attacked by his brute teammate Solomon Grundy. While Bane was still strong in his infected state, he was no match for the raw determined strength of the undead Grundy, who overwhelmed and subsequently decapitated Bane with his bare hands in order to protect the survivors, especially the orphans whom Grundy had grew bonding with.

Not long after his death, a statue memorial of Bane and the other fallen Tree Lobsters were erected by the orphaned Bludhaven survivors themselves upon their arrival in the Gotham Jungle, as a way to honor of their foster family and saviors' memories.[3]






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