Quote1 I am Bane, the last opponent you will ever face. Quote2
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Bane made his way to Gotham City where he almost immediately began his reign of terror. Bane became a constant enemy to Batman and the Batman family.

After several encounters with the Batman, Bane broke out of jail and immediately began to wreck havoc again.

The villain attacked a Gotham bank and began stealing money. During his attack, Bane was messaged by the Penguin, asking if Bane wanted to join a supervillain gang. Before the bank robber could reply, he was attacked by Batman, Batgirl, and the hero's new sidekick Robin. The heroes defeated Bane and he was returned to jail.[1]

Later, Bane was taken from jail by a new vigilante by the name of Rumor. Rumor planned to kill Bane and many other supervillains, but the Batman stopped him. Bane tried to kill his rescuer and was taken to jail yet again.[2]



  • Martial Arts: Bane has shown advanced fighting abilities in both his human and superhuman forms.



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