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Quote1.png I am Bane, the last opponent you will ever face. Quote2.png
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Bane is a constant enemy to Batman. With his use of Venom, he can increase his strength to far beyond that of a normal human.

Bane once attacked a Gotham bank when he was messaged by the Penguin, asking if Bane wanted to join a supervillain gang that the Penguin was organizing. Before Bane could reply, he was captured by Batman, Batgirl, and the hero's new sidekick Robin. [1]

Later, Bane was taken from jail by a new vigilante named Rumor. Rumor planned to kill Bane and many other supervillains, but Batman stopped him. Bane tried to kill his rescuer and was taken to jail yet again.[2]

Bane later resurfaced as one of the villains who helped fight the Joining alongside Joker, Penguin, Mr. Freeze and the GCPD. [3]

Bane was one of the supervillains alongside Mr. Freeze, Black Mask, and Basil Karlo who was hired by Lex Luthor to attack Superman, although Batman and Robin stopped them.






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