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Bar Torr was an inmate sent back in time with no apparent memories. In the early 21st Century, he used his super-speed as the hero Kid Flash, one of the members of the Teen Titans.


Originally a boy from Altros Prime in the 30th Century, Bar Torr spent most of his youth under the shadow of the regime of the Functionary. He lost his parents to the Functionary's brutal agents, the Purifiers, and had to take care of his younger sister Shira. They got by with petty theft and murder, and he eventually left her in the care of a monastery.

Too young to exact revenge on the purifiers, he joined them instead. As an unorganized band of paramilitary hoodlums, they had jobs on the side, and soon after his induction, Bar became a smuggler. On one of his trips, he crash landed, and found that his wounds healed in no time. He also discovered he had gained super speed, but did not know how. Nor did he care. With his powers, he made short work of the purifiers sent to retrieve his cargo, and then took down their base.

With other disenfranchised people, he started a rebellion, and led them with great vigor. He secured countless victories, until one day, he came across his wounded sister on the battlefield. Raised by the nuns, she became an agent of the Functionary. Now, his actions had left her fighting for her life. Disillusioned, he turned himself in, and offered full cooperation in taking down the rebel network he created.

As his former allies wanted him dead, he was placed in witness protection. In the thirtieth century, that meant brought back to the past. His memory was wiped, and he was placed on the doorstep of an orphanage.[1]

Teen Titans

Getting used to the new era, Bar - now Bart Allen - thought he was related to the Flash (Barry Allen), because of their similar powers. So six months after his arrival, he adopted the name Kid Flash in the Scarlet Speedster's honor.

He was recruited by Red Robin to join the Teen Titans.[2] After having his molecules sped up by Superboy's tactile telekinesis, he was brought to S.T.A.R. Labs for diagnostics. Virgil Hawkins, an intern, discovered the "chronal" anomaly and deduced that he might be from the future. He also provided the youngster with a new uniform; one that could keep his molecules aligned.[3] Bart would eventually meet Flash, and discover that he was not related to him or to the Speed Force. Memories started to come back, but nothing major[4]

When all of Earth's greatest heroes were gone and the Crime Syndicate of America had taken over the world. The Teen Titans attempted to challenge the Crime Syndicate. They are attacked by Johnny Quick and Atomica. Johnny Quick realizes that Kid Flash is from the future and vibrates his molecules, which creates a doorway into the future and sucks all the Teen Titans in.

Back to the Future

The Echo Chronal Authority, which had sent him back in time, eventually transported him back to the 30th Century, but the other Titans were brought with him. After a short fight with Purifiers, in which Solstice and the others learned of his darker nature when he brutally killed a man, the Echo captured him. In their prison facility, his past was explained to his teammates by commander Brain 3.[1]

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  • Power Instability: Because of his temporal connection to his timeline he vibrates at a frequency that can be easily disrupted by his own speed as well as telekinesis.



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