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Oracle is an information broker working with Batman.

Barbara Gordon is the daughter of police commissioner James Gordon. At the age of fifteen had already developed a remarkable understanding of the way the city works - and the corruption that flows through out it. She is one of the few that seems to understand Batman's goals and supports his efforts. The zealousness with which she tries to expose corruption could land her in trouble.

For a while she was Batgirl, which her family did not know. Then the Joker, in an attempt to drive Commissioner Gordon insane, shot her through the spine--putting her permanently in a wheelchair.

She refused to give up the good fight and, unbeknownst to her father, continued assisting Batman as the computer hacker known as Oracle. She investigates, relays, and checks information for him. During the Joker's overtaking of Arkham Island she continually provided Batman with information regarding events going on in the mental facility.

Months later, Barbara would help Batman with the uncovering the secret of "Protocol 10". She fed Batman information and kept track of his vitals after The Joker infected him with the titan virus.

During the Arkham Knight incident, Barbara lies to her father that she evacuated the city when she instead stayed behind to help Bruce stop the Scarecrow. Thanks to the Arkham Knight Scarecrow and his men kidnap her and threaten to torture her, but the Arkham Knight (who is revealed to be Jason Todd) keeps her safe as his only vendetta is against Bruce. She seemingly kills herself in front of Batman's eyes but in reality Batman was hallucinating and Jim seemingly made a deal with Scarecrow and killed Batman to save her. However, Jim aimed for the more protective part of the suit and Batman saved Barbara from Scarecrow pushing her off a building. She assists Batman with information until Batman is seemingly killed. In the epilogue it is revealed she is marrying Tim Drake.


Other Characteristics

  • Restricted Mobility: Barbara is paralyzed from the waist down, forcing her to use a wheelchair.



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