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Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Police Commissioner Gordon, was an ally of Batman, fighting crime as Batgirl.

Barbara Gordon was the daughter of Commissioner James Gordon and worked as a librarian. She met Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson at the Gotham City Public Library. As Barbara and Bruce become acquainted, Killer Moth and his Mothmen (who were in the library in full costume) discussed a plan of attack. One Mothman suggested taking Bruce Wayne hostage, but Killer Moth was reluctant, due to Bruce's alleged friendship with Batman. Killer Moth directed the group to kidnap Bruce's business acquaintance Roger Montrose instead, who also happened to be a billionaire. When Bruce and Dick realized the presence of their adversaries, they quickly left the library to change into their alter egos. When Batman and Robin entered the library, Killer Moth used his cocoon spinning spray gun to imprison the Dynamic Duo in a huge cocoon. Barbara was locked in the library's adjoining room by Killer Moth, where there was a secret closet containing her Batgirl costume; she escaped the library via the closet to appear outside the window. Batgirl then smashed straight through the window and overpowered the villains (during which the library was trashed), before using a powerful laser in her Batgirl-compact to free Batman and Robin from the cocoon. The Terrific Trio then finished off Killer Moth and his henchmen together.

Afterwards, Batman asked Batgirl who she really was, but she refused to tell him on the grounds that Batman would never reveal his true identity to anyone. Leaving Batman and Robin wondering, Batgirl rode off on her Batgirl-cycle.[1]

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  • Barbara Gordon was portrayed by Yvonne Craig.
  • She had actually made her first appearance in an unaired and untitled 7½-minute pilot episode before her televised origin in "Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin". This was set solely in the Gotham City Public Library, apart from a brief scene at Gotham City Police Headquarters where Commissioner Gordon talks to Barbara on the telephone. The guest cast for the pilot was as follows: Roger Montrose (Murray Roman); Killer Moth (Tim Herbert); Mothman #1 (Joey Tata); Mothman #2 (Guy Way); Mothman #3 (Al Wyatt).[2]
  • Barbara Gordon was first mentioned in the Batman episode Batman's Waterloo. Her arrival in Gotham City was foreshadowed in The Duo Defy, the final episode of the second season.
  • For her first on-screen appearance in the pilot episode (see previous footnote), Yvonne Craig wore a mask with pointed edges as Batgirl, like that worn by the character in the comic books. However, this mask left red marks on her face and so was changed to a round-edged one for the series to alleviate the problem.[3]
  • The 2003 CBS movie Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt featured a brief scene with the Barbara Gordon/Batgirl character, portrayed by Erin Carufel. Yvonne Craig, unlike her on-screen co-stars Adam West and Burt Ward, did not return for the movie.
  • The only person who ever figured out Batgirl's identity was Alfred.



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