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Barbara Gordon is Oracle, an ally of Batman and the daughter of Lt. James Gordon.

Barbara is the teenage daughter of Lt. James Gordon of the Gotham City Police Department. Despite her father's hatred for him, Barbara is a great admirer of Batman. Over the years, she has excelled in computer programing, even hacking the GCPD database at a young age.

After Batman successfully helped Lt. Gordon put Tobias Whale away, Whale gave him the deal of not being prosecuted and to be set free before midnight. Naturally, Gordon didn't take it seriously, and refused. After this, Barbara was taken away by Whale's chief enforcer and lawyer, Phosphorous Rex. Barbara was taken away to the Cauldron, a section of Gotham city long since forgotten and now inhabited by The Ghosts, homeless criminals of the area. Barbara continued to show defiance, knowing her father would come for her. Knowing he couldn't save her alone, Lt. Gordon reluctantly asked Batman for help, creating the Bat-Signal. Batman, now aided by Katana, found Barbara in the industrial park instantly, having placed trackers on Whale's men during a previous incident.

When Batman and Katana arrived, so did Gordon with Tobias, believing they wouldn't be able to save Barbara in time. In doing so, Tobias revealed Match's identity as Phosphorous Rex, and had him attack the heroes. After Katana defeated Match by creating a second fire, thus causing the two to snuff out, Barbara was left awestruck at this display.

When the League of Assassins took control of Gotham City's power with use of Wayne Industries' Ion Cortex, Barbara insisted on helping GCPD. When her father refused, Barbara stole a police van and tried to drive it off, only to be caught by her father. Inspired by her bravery, James drove her daughter over near the League's base. Upon meeting up with Batman, Barbara is given the main password to the Ion Cortex, ORACLE, in order to stop the device. While Batman and Katana dealt with the League and Ra's Al Ghul, Barbara managed to restore power to the city.

Six months later, Barbara was shown being trained by Katana as a means of thanks for stopping the Blackout. During one of their training sessions, Barbara admitted she wanted to be called Oracle, inspired by the password used on the Ion Cortex.




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