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Barbara Gordon was the daughter of Commissioner James Gordon and went on to become the vigilante known as Batgirl. Years later, she retired from crime-fighting and married Gotham's District Attorney, Sam Young. She followed her father as commissioner of police in Gotham.


Barbara was a college student at the time when she first met Batman. During a vacation visit to Gotham, Barbara's father was abducted and replaced by an android replicant built by the super-computer H.A.R.D.A.C.. Desperate for help, Barbara used the Bat-Signal to ask for Batman's help in finding her father. Although Batman agreed to investigate, he told her to stay safely away.[3] Barbara didn't heed Batman's advice and investigated on her own, eventually locating H.A.R.D.A.C. and helping Batman beat the computer along with the evil android duplicants. After the successful mission, Barbara started enjoying the thrills of crime-fighting.[4]

Batgirl in her original costume

A while later, Commissioner Gordon was framed for taking bribes from crime lord Rupert Thorne and when she asked Batman's help, he agreed although not to the extent she had expected. With this in mind, Barbara came up with a Batsuit version of her own and went out as Batgirl.[5] Thanks to her assistance, Commissioner Gordon's name was cleared and Two-Face was exposed as the mastermind behind the frame-up. Due to this circumstances, Batman and Robin decided to allow Batgirl to continue her crime-fighting activities, which were also sanctioned by her oblivious father, Commissioner Gordon.[6]

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Other Characteristics


  • Utility Belt: Bolas, Smoke pellets, lasers, rebreathers, gas-powered magnetized grappling gun, binoculars, mini-computer, radio-frequency cowl microphone, etc.




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