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Barbara Gordon is Oracle, a tech specilaist and eye-in-the-sky for Batman and the Team. Formerly, she acted as Batgirl before a spinal injury took away the use of her legs.

Barbara Gordon was born the daughter of commissioner Jim Gordon. In her youth, she attended Gotham Academy along with Dick Grayson and Artemis Crock.


Eventually, Barbara was invited to join Batman's entourage of young apprentices and became the vigilante Batgirl. After extensive training, she eventually joined the Team, acting as its second-in-command under Aqualad.

Barbara acted as Batgirl for a time, working alongside the Robins Jason Todd (before his death) and Tim Drake, as well as Spoiler.

Shortly after Batman recruited the former assassin Orphan, tragedy struck when Orphan defaulted to her assassin training and tried to kill the Joker with a sword. Barbara, as Batgirl, leapt in the way of Orphan's blade, accidentally being struck by it on her lower back, paralyzing her. The Joker escaped, and as the rest of the Bat's allies called for a med-evac, Barbara assured Cassandra that her sacrifice wasn't meant to save the Joker but to save her. [1]


Not ready to give up on super heroics, Barbara transitioned to a more supportive role as "Oracle", a tech expert that could serve as mission support for other heroes.

Oracle provided assistance to Tigress on a mission to rescue Orphan from her mother Lady Shiva. The mission was personal to Barbara, who, despite the tragedy that caused her paralysis, deeply wanted to protect Cassandra at all costs.[2]


Other Characteristics

  • Restricted Mobility: Barbara has lost the use of her legs after a spinal injury, leaving her in a wheelchair.[3]




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