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Quote1.png I know you, Bane. I see you. It was never enough to break some one physically, for you. You have to crush them in their soul. Like that swordsman in the desert. Like you tried to do with Batman. It won't work. I've lost everything and I'm still here. Quote2.png
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Barbara Gordon is the Commissioner of the Neo-Gotham Police Department. Formerly the vigilante Batgirl, she trained several women after retirement to be her replacement, including the new Batgirl.

She got married, but her brother interrupted the ceremony and killed her fiancé. Her response to this was to hunt data, infiltrate the Gotham syndicates and dismantle them from within. They never saw her coming, criminals started referring to her "the Bete Noire".

To defeat Bane, the last great criminal, she came to his organization as a menial worker with great fighting skill. Working her way up the ranks, she eventually defeated him after losing once.

Thirty years later, Batgirl was one of the many heroes corrupted by Brother Eye and transformed into a cybernetic version of herself. She was then fused with the Batsignal, which has been replaced by the Brother Eye logo.

After the Futures End timeline was altered, she was rescued from one of Brother Eye's conversion camps by Tim Drake, the current Batman, and now serves as a valuable ally in the recreation of the world, particularly Gotham City, in the aftermath of what Brother Eye did to the planet.

Batman Beyond: Rebirth

Barbara is the new commissioner of the Neo-Gotham Police Department. While she studied the murder of the gang leader known as Terminal by a mysterious assailant who savagely beat him to death, Commissioner Gordon was contacted by former League of Assassins member Curaré, who needed to talk with Batman. Bringing her to the roof of the police station to light the Bat-Signal, Barbara and Curaré were attacked by an assassin squad, with the former League member saving Barbara's life.[1] Even if late, Batman came to the rescue and made quick work of the assassins, discovering then why Curaré came to Gotham: Ra's al Ghul was back, alive and ready to attack.[2] As Batman left to fight Ra's head on, Barbara witnessed the apparent death of Curaré at the hands of Koru, the Right Hand of the Demon, who then left Gotham without harming her, as he had other orders from his master.[3]

Her next case led her to find out about a drug-dealing, corrupt crop of police agents in Crown Point, a district of Old Gotham easily identified as the highest criminal activity point in the city. She sent out a distress call, received by Maxine Gibson in the Batcave as Bruce and Terry McGinnis were out of country. Maxine, alongside the new Batgirl, freed Barbara and helped her secure the criminals to justice. Then, she offered to support both Nissa and Maxine in their fight against crime.[4] After helping Terry with fixing Gotham's air security system[5] and investigating the action of a new vigilante[6], Barbara was one of the victims of the new Scarecrow, alongside almost the whole population of Gotham: the Scarecrow created a fear-induced panic about the Batman that led Barbara to try to kill her friend Terry McGinnis, alongside the whole police force[7] and Robin.[8] As Scarecrow was defeated and Bruce found a way to neutralize the "fear waves" the criminal used, the people of Gotham, including Barbara, got back to normal.[9]

Return of the Joker and Batwoman Beyond

While investigating a murder of several members of the Jokerz Gang, Barbara found a message by the killer that said "No one uses my name. No one", a thing that scared her. Getting back to her office, she could not believe what stood in front of her own eyes: the original Joker, alive, sitting at her desk.[10] As the clown prince of crime tried to emulate the tragedy that led Barbara to be paralyzed and forced in a wheelchair, the Commissioner promptly reacted and then tried to throw Joker out of her window, but the wise criminal already planned a flamboyant exit. Hearing then about the terrorist attack at the new Wayne Family Center of Tomorrow, Barbara headed there to reveal to the Family that the Joker was really back and behind it all.[11] In the aftermath, Barbara confirmed that the Joker died of an heart attack, as the analysis conducted in the GCPD's morgue confirmed.[12]




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