Barbara Gordon was the superhero known as Batgirl, who on her last known case was going after a mobster named Paris Franz, who killed his uncle and took over his organization, having an infatuation with Batgirl in the hopes of being her favorite adversary. During this case, Barbara had a brief sexual encounter with her partner Bruce Wayne (Batman), but when the case had ended, Barbara decided to give up on being Batgirl, realizing the danger of being driven to the edge of not caring anymore when she pummeled Paris Franz's face over and over until his face became bloody.

At the present time in the story, Barbara was visiting her father James Gordon when the Joker, who sprang out of Arkham Asylum, greeted her at the door with a gunshot straight to her abdomen, paralyzing her from the waist down. The Joker had her father taken away to the Bonus Brothers carnival which he had "purchased" from its previous owner while he stripped Barbara of her clothes and took pictures of her naked wounded body in the hopes of driving her father crazy. Barbara awoke in the hospital where she was taken care of and examined for her current condition, where she told Batman what the Joker had done.

Sometime after the events of the story, Barbara got used to her new condition and had set up a private computer lab in her apartment, where she works as the information broker and hacker known as Oracle.





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