This version of Batgirl was a Barbara Gordon from an alternate timeline who appeared during Zero Hour.[1]

The Barbara Gordon of the regular timeline had become Oracle after being crippled by the Joker.[2] In this one's history, her father had instead been murdered that night, and she had continued her career as Batgirl... eventually pursuing a successful romantic and sexual relationship with Batman. Harvey Dent had become the Police Commissioner, and the Batman Family was constantly under fire from the authorities. She was also surprised to see the newer Robin, Tim Drake. Confused and displaced from her own world, she helped out as best as she could during the Crisis in Gotham City.[3] Her home timeline was eventually destroyed.[4] At first she seemed seduced by Parallax's plans to recreate the universe, which would give her back her own world... but she quickly realized that his methods were horribly wrong. Green Arrow explained how the absolute power had corrupted Parallax's soul. Ultimately, Batgirl gave her life in the fight by diving in front of an energy blast to save Damage, their last chance at hope to recreate the Big Bang.[5] Although in the new universe it was as if she had never existed, Batgirl died a true hero saving all of existence.



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