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Barbara Kean was an art gallery owner in Gotham City, and formerly the fiancée of Jim Gordon. Both his work and Leslie Thompkins eventually ended their relationship. Under the influence of the Ogre, she murdered her parents, which got her sent to Arkham Asylum.

Following her escape from Arkham facilitated by Theo Galavan, she worked with him, bent on destroying Leslie Thompkins and getting Jim back.[citation needed] After a failed attempt on Thompkins' life, Kean fell out of the top story of a church,[1] which landed her in a coma.[2] When Kean eventually awoke from her coma,[3] her mental illness seemingly dissipated. Professor Hugo Strange, the chief of psychiatry at Arkham Asylum, was unaware of whether or not Kean was faking her sanity. Curious of what would happen, Professor Strange declared Kean to be sane and released her to the public as part of an experiment.[4] Barbara, still in love with James Gordon, attempted to reconcile with Gordon by helping him obtain information about the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Gordon turned Barbara down, wanting nothing more to do with her. Desperate, Barbara sought refuge with Tabitha Galavan.[5] With Tabitha, Barbara Kean currently resides with Butch Gilzean and Oswald Cobblepot.[6]




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