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Originally a non-descript and mousy-appearing woman who was lonely and very depressed, Kowaleski accidentally discovered a shard from a powerful supernatural gem called the Sherabite Stone that housed within it a host of evil souls, trapped in the Stone for all eternity. The entities within the gem took possession of Kowaleski and transformed her into the powerful witch Arathaza. She then became their vessel for getting revenge on society as a whole…a goal that Kowaleski was in sympathy with, for she had long felt that the world had mistreated her.

As Arathaza, Kowaleski's main supernatural power was that she could drain life energy from her opponents, and use it to fuel her own magic. She was also able, with the help of the evil souls within the Sherabite Stone, to create a mountain-sized monster that she could control and direct on a destructive rampage. Her vendetta against the world was ultimately checked by Superman and the Phantom Stranger, who worked together to destroy the Sherabite Stone shard; this freed Kowaleski from the control she had been under and rendered her powerless.

By claiming that she was under a form of demonic possession, Kowaleski was able to escape incarceration for her crimes as Arathaza and has apparently resumed her prior lifestyle. It would appear that without any further large shards of the Sherabite Stone, she would be unable to resume the Arathaza role. At this writing, it is unclear whether or not any such shards still exist, or where they might be found.




  • Staff with the Sherabite Stone
  • Enemy of Superman and Phantom Stranger.



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