Barbara Ann Minerva was a big game hunter and mercenary known as the Cheetah.

After both of her parents died, Barbara Ann Minerva was sent to live with another family in London, and was physically abused by their son. Eventually, the parents arranged to have her marry their son so that they could inherit her parents' fortune. When she was old enough, Barbara Ann hung their son and ran away. She grew to become a skilled hunter and adventurer.[1]

After getting involved in the Spanish Civil War, Barbara came across a young orphan boy named Jasón, who immediately reminded her of the boy that abused her as a child. After seeing him loved by his two mothers, Katherine Kane and Renee Montoya, Barbara became jealous and killed Jasón.[1]

After the war, Barbara traveled to Malta where she fell into drinking and depression. She was eventually found by Baroness von Gunther, who recruited her for the German armies and help her take the island of Themyscira.[1]

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