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Barbara "Bobbi" Minerva is renowned archaeologist Prof. Minerva's daughter. Hot-headed, conniving, treacherous, petty and jealous, Barbara has crossed paths with Diana of Themyscira for longer than the Amazon princess believes.

Barbara tagged along with her mother to Themyscira when the archaeologist was hired to dig up several sacred artifacts, and ignoring her mother's directions, touched the Lasso of Truth and the Claw of Deceit, triggering the curse protecting them. A very young Diana of Themyscira rushed to Barbara's help, using the Lasso of Truth to dispel the defensive magic, thusly earning the right to wield the sacred relic.

Resentful, Barbara made it off with the Claw of Deceit and prickled her own finger with it, gaining the ability to shape-shifting into a brown-haired, green-eyed cheetah-like beast.

A lot of years later Barbara was able to attend Super Hero High School in her Cheetah identity, where she met Wonder Woman again. Still jealous of the Princess and coveting her Lasso, Cheetah antagonized Diana right away, frequently devising schemes to take her down, steal her Lasso and even take over the School, not letting Diana know she was the little girl who visited Paradise Island in the past.



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