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Barbara Wilson is the niece of Alfred Pennyworth. When she joined her uncle, she became Batgirl.

Early Life

Barbara was born to Alfred's sister Margaret Wilson, whom Alfred nicknamed Peg. Barbara went to college at Oxbridge Academy, which was Alfred's alma mater, studying computers. Her parents died circa 1992, and her uncle Alfred has been supporting her ever since. However, her love for racing motorcycles was what got her kicked out of college, but despite this setback, she still loves her uncle so much that she intends to repay the kindness he has given her by rescuing him from a life of servitude as a butler.

Batman & Robin

A Visit With Her Uncle

Barbara showed up outside the door of Wayne Manor when Bruce Wayne's ward Dick Grayson met her there. She says she was looking for Alfred, and soon races in and embraces him the instant she sees him. Alfred and Barbara fill Bruce and Dick in about the family relations they have together, with Barbara saying she was taking some time off from Oxbridge Academy just to visit her uncle. Despite Alfred's objections in the hope of keeping Bruce and Dick's double lives as Batman and Robin a secret even from his niece, Bruce decides to let Barbara stay simply because she's family.

Wild Nights

During her stay at the Wayne Manor, Barbara has been sneaking out taking one of Bruce's motorcycles out of the garage, despite her initial claim that she's too terrified of them. Dick catches her taking off one night and follows her to a place on the seedy side of Gotham City where gangs bet against each other with their riding skills through a treacherous course that takes them all across that part of the city. Dick rides along as an unknown contestant to watch after Barbara, rescuing her when she nearly falls off a bridge when the hosts of the race sabotage that part of the course with firebombs.

Cracking The Secret

With her uncle Alfred suffering through Stage 1 of MacGregor's Syndrome, near death, he hands Barbara a disk containing secret information that he wants delivered to his brother Wilfred in the hopes that he will take over in Alfred's place as the butler of Wayne Manor. He tells Barbara not to open the disk, saying that it's a secret that can only be entrusted between family members. Realizing that she's family as well, Barbara puts the disk into her computer and uses every possible code she can think of to access the disk, with no success...until she remembers Alfred's nickname for her mother Margaret, "Peg", and enters it. The disk reveals information to her about Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson being Batman and Robin.

Virtual Alfred

Barbara then enters the Batcave, where a virtual version of her uncle Alfred greets her, anticipating her desire to help Bruce and Dick take down Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze by developing a Batsuit just for her. Barbara tells the virtual Alfred to "suit her up".

Who's That Batgirl?

Barbara shows up at Poison Ivy's hideout, where she lures Robin to her private plant-like throne to kiss her so he can die. Unfortunately the kiss has no effect, as Robin wore a protective sheath on his lips. Then Batman shows up, ready to take Poison Ivy in. She surprises the two crimefighters as she has them tangled up in living vines while she tries to make her escape, only for Barbara now as Batgirl to block her path, telling Ivy that she's going to be compost. The two women engage in hand-to-hand combat, with Batgirl prevailing and Poison Ivy being captured by her own plant creations while Batman and Robin cut their way through the vines. She tells the heroes that she is Barbara and that she has found the Batcave. Batman decides he will deal with Barbara later as they now head toward the Gotham City Observatory.

The Big Chill

Mr. Freeze is already at work at the Observatory, freezing all of Gotham City with the telescope turned into a giant freeze gun. As he does this, the Bat team travel to the Observatory in other vehicles, dealing with Mr. Freeze's goons along the way. Batman notices that there's 11 minutes to thaw out the whole city before the people become ice cubes forever. Upon reaching the Observatory, Batman, Robin, and Batgirl discover that Mr. Freeze isn't there at the controls, so they get to work on how they could get the sunlight on one side of the earth to be beamed directly into the telescope. Batgirl sees that the reflector mirrors need thawing out, so she and Robin choose to melt the ice on the mirrors while Batman works on reconfiguring the satellites. No sooner do they start, though, does Mr. Freeze make an unwelcome return, shaking Batgirl and Robin off the telescope and causing two of the Observatory astronomers to get caught holding onto the telescope while fighting with Batman.

Dealing With Bane

Robin at first tries to rescue Batgirl by firing his Birdcable hook at a chunk of ice, but it breaks off and they continue falling until Batgirl fires her Batcable hook at a support beam to rescue Robin. They both land safely on a ledge when Bane grabs them both with each hand. Robin and Batgirl knock out the tubing that injects Bane with the super-serum Venom and watch as his muscular frame deflates back into the original convict's scrawny form. Soon Batman picks up Robin and Batgirl after he has rescued the two astronomers from the falling telescope to return to the Observatory.

Letting The Sunshine In

With the telescope destroyed, and the time now being midnight, the Bat team now needs a new way to thaw out the city. Batman says they can reconfigure the satellites to beam down the sunlight directly, but it would take a computer genius to do that. Batgirl says she could do it and gets right to work. Soon with the satellites in position, all of Gotham City is soaked in heat beams from the deflected sunlight.

The Duo Becomes A Trio

After a long night of watching and waiting for the cure Mr. Freeze developed for an earlier stage of MacGregor's Syndrome to have any effect on Alfred after they hooked up the vials to the IV machine, Bruce, Dick, and Barbara slept in the living room, only to be awakened by a slightly disgruntled but now revitalized Alfred in the morning. All three of them are happy to see him cured and healthy. Bruce decides to take in Barbara not only as part of the family, but also as his second partner Batgirl. All Alfred could say to that is that they would now need a bigger Batcave.




  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the Burtonverse franchise and is an adaptation of Batgirl/Barbara Gordon. The original character was created by Julius Schwartz, Gardner Fox, and Carmine Infantino and first appeared in Detective Comics #359.
  • This version of Batgirl was portrayed by Alicia Silverstone in Batman & Robin.
  • In a deleted scene, Alfred reveals that he's not really Barbara's uncle. Barbara is in fact the daughter of Margaret Clarke, an old girlfriend of his from Metropolis, who married a musician. Which explains why Barbara doesn't have an English accent.
  • Similar to Post-Crisis Barbara Gordon, Wilson's parents died in a car crash.



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