Quote1 Pain. Torment. Agony. Collapse. Then Granny would lift me up. And begin again. Quote2
Big Barda src
Big Barda was born in Apokolips and trained by Granny Goodness to become a Female Fury. Barda managed to survive Granny's brutal training and grow strong enough to escape from Apokolips.

Her flight led her to Earth. Unfortunately, the world she arrived in was only marginally better than Darkseid's realm. A disaster had stricken the planet, leaving the environment heavily damaged and most cities burned to ashes. The only city left was ruled by another tyrant. Barda joined the faction of malcontents and misfits led by Natasha Irons.

While patrolling the perimeter of The Garden, Barda and her biker squad happened upon a girl about to be gun down by Lex Luthor's robotical enforcers. Without thinking twice Barda and her team leapt into action, dismantled the Gardeners and took Kara Gordon to the Garage.

Kara chose to join the rebel group, which placed Barda in the position to train her lest her innocence and enthusiasm got her killed. Nonetheless, when Barda took her out for a heist, the girl proved to be surprisingly strong, resilient and determined, helping them survive the dangers of the Canyons of Clay.




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