Barney Ling is the leader of G.O.O.D., a global peace-keeping agency.

He is known to have worked with the legendary martial artist O-Sensei in the past. Ling would later go on to recruit two students of the O-Sensei, Ben Turner and Richard Dragon. He hired them to shut down a slave ring in the Sudan.[1] Dragon and Turner refused to work with Ling, but he reached out to them again when they were tracking an enemy agent known as the Swiss. Dragon made it clear that he did not like Ling or his "holier-than-thou" organization, but was forced to work with him.[2] Ling used Dragon again to arrest Guano Cravat, who Dragon had a personal grudge against.[3] This mission was complicated when Ling tried to extract Dragon by plane, and their plane was brought down by a pirate named Slash. Slash captured Ling, but Dragon was able to save him by killing Slash.[4]

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