Quote1 I never woulda guessed -- Mr. Allen is a collector of comic books! And from what I can see-- he specializes in Golden Age comics. Why, there's an issue of the original Flash comics! Quote2
-- Barney Sands src

Barney Sands was the kid-neighbor of Barry Allen, the Flash. He lived next-door with his parents Fred and Ethel and his older brother, Larry.

Even from a young age, Barney was a promising artist. He would eventually grow up to be the artist for the Justice League of America comic book.[1]

On one occasion, a wraith-like space explorer saw Barney's drawing for a "master villain." The gaseous alien inhabited the illustration causing it to become real and giving the Flash no end of trouble.[2] Barney quickly helped the Flash by creating a hero named Super.

Barney is a nickname. His real name is Bernard [3]



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