Quote1.png Fool, I am no simple island priest. I am Baron Sunday -- and I wield the true magic. A man of my power need fear no one... not Superman... and certainly not you. Quote2.png
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Baron Sunday was a Metropolis crimelord who killed people using voodoo.

He fought Superman, and took him down at least once with a voodoo attack while he was already in a weakened state from another fight. His mysterious murders were the subject of a great deal of investigation from the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit. He was eventually defeated by Gangbuster, who tracked him down, fought off his magic spells, kicked his butt and dumped him off at the police station.[1]


  • His career as a serial killer was a subplot throughout many Superman Titles under the writings of John Byrne, although he wasn't actually revealed for most of it, and only made his presence known when he directly attacked Superman for the first time.



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