A scientist, naming himself Baron of York due royal genealogy, kills his own brother, a gang boss, and becomes the new boss after convinces the rest of the criminals that he is the only man that can find and control Solomon Grundy. (Grundy was previously hit by a train while fighting Green Lantern, "dying".) The gang comes to the place where Grundy was killed, and the scientist, knowing that the monster is only pseudo-life, composed of rooted undergrowth and leaves, administers concentrated chlorophyll in his corpse. Green Lantern and Doiby Dickles comes there and begin to fight the criminals, but aren't able to stop the revived Grundy (who became green due the chlorophyll). After, Grundy and the gang begins a crime spree across the USA. When the group comes to New Jersey, Grundy stops, asking to the Baron which are his plans and how himself enter into them. After Baron bluffs about Grundy be worshiped and served, the monster kills him and assumes his role as gang boss.




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