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Quote1 Barry's real superpower isn't speed, it's hope. The kid's got an endless reservoir. Believes everything's gonna work out. Quote2
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The Flash (real name Barry Allen) is a friendly and optimistic speedster who protects Central City with the help of his allies at S.T.A.R. Labs. He is a founding member and leader of the League and Team Flash, who works as a forensic scientist in his civilian identity at the CCPD.

Early Years

Barry Allen Arrow 0001

Barry Allen

As a child, Barry Allen's life was uprooted forever by the death of his mother. The police arrested his father for the crime, but Barry had seen a strange man with inhuman powers in a yellow suit commit the deed.

The death drove him to find answers, researching cases of paranormal activity and possible superhuman forces at work. He also found answers in science, getting a job as an intern with the Central City PD Crime Scene Unit. However, he was perpetually late.

Arrow (TV Episode) Episode The Scientist 001

Barry in Star City.

Hearing about the Starling City vigilante, he looked into the stories about him, keeping a running tally of the colorful criminals he caught. He followed and developed theories as to the man's operations. When a seemingly impossible case cropped up in Starling City, Allen used deferred sick days to travel across country, claiming that this case connected to something happening in Central City and inserting himself into the investigation.

He proved instrumental to solving the case, even meeting the vigilante, learning his secret identity and saving his life with his chemistry knowledge. Parting with the man on cordial terms, he returned to his duties mere seconds before Central City's new particle accelerator backfired, showering the city with dark matter. In the ensuing confusion, Allen was struck by lightning, but survived. Allen was in a coma for 9 months. During the time he was in a coma, he was moved to S.T.A.R. Labs. He awoke from his coma with the power to move at superhuman speeds, and met Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow.

Barry Allen Arrow 0002

Barry as the Flash.

He later would later join them in addition to Harrison Wells as part of Team Flash. Later he encounters with numerous meta-humans and villains, such as, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, but, he would encounter The Man in the Yellow Suit who killed his mother.

The Man in Yellow

At a later point in time, Barry would find out that his mentor, Harrison Wells, was secretly the Reverse Flash, and the man who had killed his mother. Wells' real name was Eobard Thawne and was from the future. He had traveled back and got stuck in Barry's period of time. Wells engineered the particle accelerator explosion and began mentoring Barry and helping him get faster so Wells could return to his time-period. With the help of the Arrow and Firestorm, Barry was able to defeat Wells.


At one point point in time, Barry and the rest of Team Flash were visited by a speedster from Earth-2, calling himself Jay Garrick. Jay informed the team of a powerful speedster named Zoom who had stolen his powers. Jay began working with Team Flash to stop Zoom, and became something of a new mentor to Barry.

Following the confrontation of a new speedster named Trajectory, Barry and the team realized that Jay Garrick was actually Zoom. After the team discovered new revelations about Zoom's real history as Hunter Zolomon, Barry attempted to lure Zoom into a trap, but this backfired when Zoom escaped and captured Wally West, forcing Barry to surrender his speed. With the help of his team, Barry recreated the conditions of the night he was given his speed, and regained his powers.

Barry's father is later kidnapped by Zoom and killed in front of Barry. Shortly after, the team tried to take down Zoom on their own, resulting in the abduction of Joe West. Realizing he has no choice, Barry agrees to a race arranged by Zoom, who is planning on destroying the Multiverse, leaving only Earth-1 behind. Barry races Zoom, creating Time Remnants to help him. Zoom is finally defeated and is taken away by Time Wraiths and into the Speed Force.

Sometime after, Team Flash returned to Earth-2 and rescued the man Zoom had been keeping captive, and it is revealed that the man was the actual Jay Garrick and Barry's father's Earth-3 doppelganger. Barry, emotionally distraught after his father's death, time-traveled back to the night his mother was killed to save her, drastically changing the timeline.


After defeating the Reverse-Flash and returning back to his time, Barry realized he had drastically changed the timeline. Both his parents were alive and Wally West was the Flash. Realizing his mistake, Barry allowed Reverse-Flash to go back in time to kill his mother and reset the timeline, causing a third timeline to set in.[16]

Arrival of Savitar

Returning back to present day after undoing his mistake, Barry discovered that things had still changed, such as his friendship with Cisco, the relationship between Iris and Joe and a new begrudged colleague at C.C.P.D.. Adjusting to these changes, Barry started investigating "husks" whilst trying to secretly help fix the lives of his friends. During this time, an enigmatic figure known as Alchemy began enlightening those from Flashpoint with their alternate timeline memories and powers, such as the Rival. Discovering that Alchemy worked for a self-proclaimed "speed god" called Savitar, Barry and his team began trying to find a way to stop Savitar from breaking out of his prison. Barry later admitted the truth about his manipulation of the timeline to the team, upsetting them and effectively placing his friendship with Cisco in jeopardy. During this time, Barry learned that Wally obtained his Flashpoint self's speed thanks to Alchemy and attempted to dissuade him from following in his footsteps for Joe's sake.


Barry responded to an alert from an incoming object and realized it was an alien ship, reporting back that aliens had landed on Earth. A.R.G.U.S. later responded, with Lyla Michaels confiding the truth to Barry and the others about the existence of a species called "Dominators" and how they've been abducting people since the 1960s. Aware of the worldwide danger this signified, Barry called upon Green Arrow and his team, Supergirl (of Earth-38) and the Legends to stop the Dominators from invading. Whilst preparing for a counterattack, Barry was informed by Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson about a voice message from his future self, telling them to trust no one, not even himself. Attributing this to his creation of Flashpoint, Barry told them the meaning of the message and was forced to later tell the truth to the others, realizing that not only had he effected his team's lives but also that of John Diggle (whose daughter was erased and replaced with a son).

With the makeshift group's trust in Barry broken, they went without him to investigate the origins of the Dominators and to stop the invasion from occurring. Oliver and Barry stayed behind and were the ones forced to battle their friends when the Dominators mind-controlled them. Barry, realizing that the mind-controlled Supergirl could help destroy the device, taunted and tricked her into doing so, undoing the effects. The group of heroes eventually regained their trust in Barry and were able to work together once more. However, Oliver and many non-powered individuals close to him were abducted by the Dominators and placed into a reality where none of them became vigilantes. Barry and some of the remaining heroes left to find a way to hack into the Dominator's technology. After doing so, Barry was told that the reason why the Dominators attacked Earth was due to his actions in making Flashpoint, representing the threat of meta-humans being able to do unimaginable things with their abilities. Barry chose to take responsibility for his actions and willingly gave himself up, to which his allies convinced him not to. With a way to disrupt the Dominators across the world, Barry races across the planet placing the devices on as many as possible in order for Felicity to enact the plan. Despite being successful, the Dominators used a meta-bomb as a last-ditch effort in eliminating meta-humans. Barry witnessed Firestorm transmute the bomb into water, negating the effects and forcing the Dominators to flee.

Saving Iris

Barry, still facing the threat of Savitar and Alchemy, enlisted Jay Garrick of Earth-3 for help. Uncovering the true identity of Alchemy, being his colleague Julian Albert, Barry tried to persuade him to be a middleman between him and Savitar in order to glean information out of him. Being told of a prophecy that including one of them dying and another betraying the team, Barry ultimately decided to throw the Philosopher's Stone connected to Savitar into the Speed Force, having the adverse effect of throwing Barry into the near-future. Witnessing his future self failing to save Iris, who was brutally killed by Savitar, Barry returned to present day and obsessed over preventing that future from coming to pass. Barry kept the truth secret but eventually told the team sans Iris herself. Drawing up a list of events that occur leading up to her death, Barry obsessed over changing the outcome of every event, such as having Wally, now Kid Flash, stopping Plunder instead. After a run-in with a bounty hunter from Earth-19, called Gypsy, Barry and the team were able to save the new Harrison Wells, H.R., from facing execution for traveling between universes. Barry later concluded that it should be Wally to save Iris instead and began training him to increase his speed.

Gorilla City

When Jesse Wells returned from Earth-2 with news of her father's abduction at the hands of Grodd, Barry, Cisco, Caitlin and Julian all traveled to her Earth to rescue him. However, they were captured and awoke in Gorilla City, where Grodd asked Barry to defeat their leader, Solovar to prevent an imminent attack on Central City. After heeding to his request, Barry discovered that Grodd lied and only wished to usurp Solovar to attack the city himself. Conjuring a plan to trick Grodd and escape, Barry had Caitlin fake his death with her newly attained cold-powers and, taking Harry with them, escaped back to Earth-1. Unbeknown to them however, Grodd had captured Gypsy and secured a means of traveling to Earth-1 to fulfil his plan. Barry and the team were forced to battle Grodd and his army in the streets whilst Cisco and Gypsy went to find Solovar to prove Grodd's betrayal. Having defeated Grodd's forces and exposed Grodd's plan to Solovar, Barry considered killing him once and for all but wisely left Grodd in Solovar's hands, ending the threat.

Return of Savitar

Team Flash Arrowverse 001

Barry with the Team Flash.

Despite having presumably destroyed the Philosopher's Stone and kept Savitar trapped, Wally and Barry found themselves haunted by the villainous speedster. Wally informed Barry that Savitar has been affecting his mind, making Barry angry for keeping such a thing a secret. Warped by his protectiveness over Iris, Barry was convinced that Wally was being controlled like Julian and fired him from the team. Fearful that Savitar's possible return might once again place Iris in danger, Barry asked Cisco to act as another middleman in order to talk to Savitar. After being teased with the possibility that the Philosopher's Stone may not be totally destroyed, Barry learned that Caitlin had kept a piece of it hidden in the hopes of getting rid of her powers.

Barry went forward in time to 2024 to find a way to save Iris, but was confronted by Mirror Master and the Top and forced to retreat. He went to meet his future counterpart discovering how much Iris' death broke him and the other members of the Team. Inspiring him to return back to the Flash identity and reform Team Flash with Cisco and the others' help, the Flashes defeated the two villains and regained control of this universe's Central City.[17]

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The Thinker and Crisis on Earth-X

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Barry Allen Arrow 0005

The Flash's new suit.

In 2017, the Nazis of Earth-X invaded Earth-1 during the wedding of Barry and Iris. They confronted the heroes that were present at the church but were ultimately defeated and forced to retreat, losing one of their commanders, Prometheus.

The Nazi army was led by Dark Arrow, Overgirl, and the Reverse Flash. Their main goal was to use a light accelerator called the Prism to artificially create red sunlight that would help them transplant Supergirl's heart to Overgirl, who was dying from sunlight overloading.[18]

Later, Barry and some of Earth-1's heroes were abducted to Earth-X, where they found help in the Freedom Fighters, a resistance team which was led by the Ray, Winn Schott from Earth-X and Citizen Cold.[19] After joining their forces, they saved the abducted group on Earth-1 and discovered Earth-Xers' doomsday device, the Wellenreiter, a militarized timeship that was to be deployed on Earth-1.[20]

The Nazi finally attacked Central City on Earth-1, but were defeated by Barry and the heroes. Reverse-Flash escaped, Overgirl died from her disease, and Dark Arrow was killed by Oliver Queen. After they lost their leader and the Wellenreiter was destroyed by Harry Wells and Vibe, the Nazis were forced to concede defeat and retreat to their universe and Barry and Iris finally married.[21]

Cicada and Elseworlds

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Barry Allen Arrow 0006

Barry as the Green Arrow.

When Dr. John Deegan rewrote the reality using the Book of Destiny, the identities of The Flash and the Green Arrow were swapped, so the two heroes found themselves in each other's bodies. After the two heroes went together at the S.T.A.R. Labs and tried to convince their other members of Team Flash about their body change, the unaware team knocked them out and imprisoned them in the pipeline. Thanks to their abilities, they managed to escape and breached away to Earth-38, after convincing Iris of having been switched, in order to reach Supergirl and Superman, that were untouched by the Book's reality-altering power.

Meanwhile, the android A.M.A.Z.O. escaped from the Ivo Laboratories and started to wreak havok in Central City. Team Flash could not stop its rampage and only the arrival of the heroes from Earth-38 saved them from the android. Despite the great number of heroes working together, A.M.A.Z.O. gained the upper hand, after copying all of their abilities, but was ultimately destroyed when the group strategically combined their powers. Later, Cisco managed to track Deegan and an unnamed villain to Gotham City[7] so the heroes traveled to the city after defeating Joseph Wilson, but thy were arrested by GCPD a time later.

They were released by Kate Kane, the cousin of the billionaire Bruce Wayne, who welcomed them into the abandoned Wayne Enterprises building. Kate sent the group to the Arkham Asylum, where Deegan staged a break-out to distract them from capturing him. Barry and Oliver were poisoned by Scarecrow's Fear Toxin, dreaming of Eobard Thawne and Malcolm Merlyn, and forcing them to fight against each other, but they were saved just in time by the vigilante Batwoman. So the heroes stopped the inmates' escape and recovered the Book of Destiny. The Flash of Earth-90 later advised them about the Monitor's plans and the fate of his world. The Monitor reached the heroes and breached the another Flash away, later conjuring the Book and entrusted the mystical item again to Deegan, encouraging him to think bigger.[22]

Trigger Twins (Arrow Elseworlds) 0001

Barry and Oliver as the Trigger Twins

Barry and Oliver were turned into the villainous Trigger Twins, while Oliver's villains had become police officers of the CCPD and Supergirl was imprisoned in the S.T.A.R. Labs. After evading the CCPD, Barry and Oliver were confronted by "Superman", who attempts to crush them with a crane. Oliver shoots the crane down, forcing Superman to catch it as they made their escape. After a brief meeting with the Monitor, they reached a bar where Gary Green's counterpart worked in order to track the Cisco of this reality. They discovered that Cisco had become a mob boss known as "Mr. Ramon", whose right hand was an alternate version of Jimmy Olsen.

Barry and Oliver convinced Cisco to breach them into Earth-38 to bring again Superman to Earth-1. Seeing his plans almost failing again, Deegan got enraged and was able to get the Book back so he began to reshape again the reality. Barry and Kara tried to gain enough time to stop him by running and flying at superspeed around the Earth. They were dying and in order to save them, Oliver made a deal with the Monitor in exchange for becoming his enforcer in the future Crisis. Deegan restored the existence of A.M.A.Z.O., who engaged Superman and the newly-arrived Brianiac-5 and Martian Manhunter, who destroyed the android again. Suddenly, Oliver arrived on the scene and fired a Monitor-powered arrow onto the Book of Destiny, nullifying his connection with Deegan, destroying the Elseworld and restoring the original reality.[23]

Bloodwork and Crisis on Infinite Earths

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Barry Allen Arrow 0007

Barry as the Dark Flash.

After traveling to Earth-3, Barry managed to project his mind into the future with the help of Jay Garrick and his wife, Joan Williams, seeing the outcome of the incoming Crisis.[24] While corrupted by Bloodwork, Barry became the Dark Flash and atacked S.T.A.R. Labs, but he was saved by his team.[9]

As Earth-38 was about to be destroyed by an antimatter wave, the heroes band together to save this reality's residents, while the Monitor raised colossal tuning forks which were rapidly assaulted by the Shadow Demons. In the final of the battle, Oliver died to save more people he could.[25] As the wave erased this world, the heroes retreated back on Earth-1, which was the last reality in the trajectory of the wave, and used the Waverider of Earth-74 as their moving base.[26]

The heroes failed to rescue many realities, including Earth-N52, Earth-F, and Earth-76, while Nash Wells, now reborn as Pariah, was forced to watch the reality he previously doomed dying. As the Anti-Monitor unleashed Nash Wells' antimatter counterpart, Outkast, the heroes fought him on Earth-D and brought him on the Waverider after defeating him. However, Outkast tried to detonate himself but the heroes managed to save themselves.[27]

Paragons (Arrowverse)

The Paragons.

Later, Barry, Constantine, Mia Smoak and Sara Lance resurrected Oliver in a Lazarus Pit on Earth-18, but they discovered that he lacked his soul. After Ray Palmer built a Paragon detector, they discovered that Barry was the Paragon of LoveKate Kane' was the Paragon of Courage, Kara Zor-El was the Paragon of Hope, J'onn J'onzz was the Paragon of Honor, and Ryan Choi was the Paragon of Humanity. Later, the heroes managed to enter the Nexus' chamber and stop the Flash of Earth-90 from powering an antimatter cannon.

The cannon went critical, forcing Pariah to rescue Black Lightning' from his Earth as his powers were needed to contain the energy of the machine. In order to destroy it, Barry decided to sacrifice himself as it was always prophesized to him since he had first become the Flash. Before he could jump on the machine, the other Flash tricked him into taking his place, reminding him that the prophecy never said which Flash had to die. Believing to have finally stopped the crisis, the heroes were later attacked by a possessed Harbinger, who killed the Monitor and allowed the Anti-Monitor to destroy Earth-1 along with the few survivors on the Waverider. However, the Paragons were hidden by Pariah at the last minute in Vanishing Point to survive the total annihilation. There, they discovered that Lex Luthor had previously replaced Earth-96 Superman as the Paragon of Truth thanks to the Book of Destiny's reality-altering power.[28]

Barry Allen DC Extended Universe 005

Barry meets Barry

After spending a month out of time, the newly-born Spectre, Oliver Queen, reached the Paragons in Vanishing Point. Despite Oliver's warnings, The Flash convinced him to power him up enough to run into the slowly dying Speed Force where he met another version of himself that made him realize that the Multiverse could be brought back to existence; at the same time. While managing to stop the Anti-Monitor from going back at the Dawn of Time, the superheroes discovered that him was always meant to come into existence. So they reunited with the Spectre at the Dawn of Time, where they faced the Shadow Demons.[29]

As Barry and Sara stood by Oliver's side as, after winning his fight with the Anti-Monitor, he ultimately died from his wounds, and the Paragons gathered his Spectre's energy and used it, along with their own energies and the remains of the Book of Destiny, to recreate reality itself.[29] A new Big Bang was caused by the combination of Oliver Queen/Spectre and the Paragons' energies; the original singularity divided itself once again and recreated the Multiverse. Earth-1 was merged into a new universe, Earth-Prime, along with Earth-38 and Black Lightning's world.

Waking up in a new universe, the Paragons discovered the merge of their realities and, after defeating Weather Witch, Sargon the Sorceror and discovering the Anti-Monitor's survival, they banded together with the other Earth's heroes one last time to finally defeat him and his army of demons. Upon realizing that the villain was too strong even for their combined powers, the heroes used Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi's knowledge to banish him into the Microverse. Later, the heroes went to an old S.T.A.R. Labs research facility and formed a team to protect Earth from new threats.[30]

Death of the Speed Force

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Barry Allen Arrowverse 010

The Flash returns.

As the result being corrupted by the Spectre's energy, the Speed Force died and every speedster, including Barry, began losing his powers. Inspired by the Negative Speed Force which powered the Reverse Flash, Team Flash began working on their own artificial energy source, an Artificial Speed Force, that would have restored Barry's powers. They managed to build the Artificial Speed Force machine and tried to power it up to generate the extradimensional field but, the machine did not work as they expected:[31] as Cisco discovered that they missed a piece, he left to retrieve it in Atlantis.[32]

After the return of Eva McCulloch, Barry enlisted the help of Chester P. Runk and Allegra Garcia to make the machine work. However, Nash Wells discovered that his life energy and the Multiversal residues of the Wells within him were the only thing that could activate the machine. So, Nash sacrificed himself to channel the energy into the Fusion Sphere that activated the Speed Force machine, creating the Artificial Speed Force.[33] By tapping into this energy source, Barry regained all of his powers, including a brand new ability, the speed thinking which made him almost omniscient.

Despite gifting him an enhanced intellect, the Artificial Speed Force deprived Barry from his emotions as he became a cold version of himself who wanted to achieve his goal in any ways The team realized that there was something wrong with Barry as he decided to sacrifice Kamilla Hwang and David Singh in order to retrieve Iris that would have helped him defeat Eva McCulloch. So they turned against him, but were eventually defeated. After forcefully extracting Iris from the Mirrorverse, which left her catatonic, Barry launched a lightning at the Artificial Speed Force machine, destroying it along with the Artificial Speed Force.[34]

New Forces and Godspeed

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After the defeat of Godspeed, Eobard Thawne tried to defeat Barry again, but the Scarlet Speedster proved himself to be a lot faster than the supervillain. Thawne was forced to run away, promising him that one day he will destroy his life.[35]


Arrowverse Armageddon Timeline 0001

Barry in the Armageddon Timeline.

Eventually, Reverse-Flash created his own version of the Flashpoint, where he murdered Joe West. Using the Negative Still Force in order to avoid being detected by the Speed Force users and Deon Owens, Reverse-Flash managed to alter the reality and decided to erase the Flash for good by running back in time again and letting himself being hit by the lightning that turned Barry into the Flash. He had now become himself the Flash, stealing Barry's life; became the head of Team Flash and the fiancé of Iris, and turned Barry into the Reverse-Flash in this timeline.[11]

Some time after he became the Reverse-Flash, the Barry of this timeline began teaming up with Damien Darhk and managed to murder several heroes, including Cisco Ramon, Ray Palmer and the Legends, Sara Lance, and Nate Heywood. In this timeline, Earth was seemingly destroyed by Barry in the so-called Armageddon, so that Despero traveled back in time to warn Barry about the danger he posed to the world.[36]

Due to Thawne's actions, including making Barry lose his job at CCPD and the S.T.A.R. Labs, which forced the Scarlet Speedster into becoming paranoid,[37] Barry convinced himself that Despero's words were true so that he willingly decided to give away his power to avoid the destruction of the planet. However, after Deon Owens and Iris discovered several time alterations, Barry traveled to the Armageddon Timeline.[38] In the future, Barry discovered that Thawne was the responsible for the time changes and after discovering that his counterpart was the Reverse-Flash, Barry convinced his "friend" Damien Darhk to restore the original timeline where his Nora Darhk was still alive.

Darhk gifted him with his Time Stone, which Barry wanted to use to help himself being thrown back in time to stop Thawne from changing the timeline. The two speedsters began running all over the Earth, provoking several disasters that destabilized Earth's core and almost causing the Armageddon that Despero had been announcing in the present. While Darhk was distracting Team Flash in Central City, Barry, along with the help of the future Iris, managed to outrun Thawne and traveled in the past, where he stopped Thawne from becoming the Flash, and restored the original timeline.[11]

Deathstorm and Negative Forces

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The Final Run

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2049 Timeline

The Original Timeline

Barry and Iris West-Allen Arrowverse Nora's Future 001

Barry and Iris in the new 2049 Timeline.

Instead of being helped by his daughter, Barry of this timeline single-handedly defeated the Thinker, but the Enlightenment caused the creation of various meta-humans, including the serial killer Cicada, who was hit by a lightning dagger which nullified dark matter-originated powers. In the course of years, various heroes tried to capture him, including Green Arrow, the Legends and the League, but he was never caught.[39]

At some point before 2024, Barry and Iris had a daughter, Nora who inherited the same powers of his father, and S.T.A.R. Labs was converted into the Flash Museum to honor the Flash's deeds. According to Thawne, Nora's name was Dawn in the original timeline, before he killed her grandmother Nora Allen.[40]

In 2024, the Crisis finally happened, and the Flash, Green Arrow, Batwoman, Elongated Man, Laurel Lance and other heroes faced the Reverse Flash and his army of Shadow Demons, while the skies turned red in all of the reality. In the end, the Flash and Reverse Flash vanished in a flash of light and Oliver Queen died in battle.[41] This timeline was erased when Thawne freed himself and ran to the past.[42]

New Timeline In the new timeline, Barry survived the Crisis.[43]


  • Speed Force Conduit: After being hit by the dark matter lightning from the particle accelerator explosion and exposed to various chemicals, Barry's DNA was altered and his cells were supercharged with enormous amounts of electricity, augmenting his physiology, and granting him access to the extradimensional energy source called the Speed Force.[44]
    • Superhuman Speed: Barry is able to move at vast superhuman speeds. He is also unaffected by the side-effects of moving at these speeds such as high friction, air pressure, reduced oxygen and kinetic impact. The intensity of his speed allows him to run across vertical structures and over large masses of water. While able to reach Mach 3.3 on his own and later augmenting his speed by using a tachyon device to reach Mach 13, Barry has since gained a stronger connection to the Speed Force, making him considerably faster.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Because of his great speed, Barry's reflexes are heightened to superhuman levels, allowing him to react to danger instantly. His reflexes are great enough to allow him to catch a bullet while standing still.[45]
    • Superhuman Agility: Barry's balance and bodily coordination are far superior to the finest human athlete. He is able to make sharp turns on streets without losing balance, and leap far and high in the air, while running.[44]
    • Superhuman Stamina: Barry possesses superhuman stamina, which allows him handle the stress of running at superhuman speed, without getting tired or weak.[44]
    • Superhuman Durability: Barry possesses far greater durability than a normal human, due to his body being adapted to the effects of moving at super-speed. He is able to withstand hits from superhumanly strong meta-humans, and only be momentarily stunned.[46]
    • Accelerated Healing: Barry is capable of healing at a rate much quicker and efficiently than regular humans. When he severely fractured his arm shortly after gaining his powers, the break healed in three hours.[44]
    • Aerokinesis: Barry can use his speed to generate air flow as vacuums on various levels. He can suffocate people by creating a vortex around them by running around them. He can spin his arms to create tornado to remove air from fire and extinguish it and repel targets away.[47]
      • Flight: Barry can also rotate his arms so fast that he can propel him self through the air, creating a form of flight.[48]
    • Dimensional Travel: With a tachyon device, Barry is capable of moving fast enough to break open portals to alternate dimensions, although he has only done this once by accident, and needed assistance to return back to his earth.[4]
    • Electrokinesis: Barry can generate and manipulate the electrical energy he draws from the Speed Force. By focusing the energy in his hands, Barry is able to generate a strong shock, capable of restarting a persons heart.[49] Barry is also capable of electrifying a body of water by rapidly running across it.[50]
      • Electro-Blast: After being trained by Hunter Zolomon, Barry learned to build up and redirect his Speed Force lightning to hurl bolts of lightning.[51]
      • Energy Absorption: Barry is able to drain electrical energy from outside sources in order to boost his power, even if it is not from the Speed Force.[52]
      • Energy Construct Creation: By focusing, Barry is able to use the Speed Force to create solid energy constructs. He displayed this when constructing a sword made of pure Speed Force energy.[35]
      • Healing: Through physical contact of his electrical Speed Force energy, Barry was able to heal Jesse Wells from a coma.[46]
    • Enhanced Mental Process: Barry's brain is able to process information at a highly accelerated rate, which allows him to perceive time and events in slow motion, as well as take in and process large amounts of information.[44]
    • Enhanced Senses: Barry's speed extends to his senses, allowing him to see and hear normally when moving at increased speed, even when moving at, or above the speed of sound, where this would normally be impossible. The Speed Force also grants Barry extra temporal senses.
      • Cosmic Awareness: Barry is able to sense when other speedsters enter the Speed Force to time-travel.[41]
    • Molecular Acceleration: Barry can vibrate his molecular structure at various levels to achieve various effects. He can accelerate the molecules in his throat to distort his vocal cords to disguise his voice.[53]
      • Intangibility: Barry can vibrate his cells, making his body intangible. He frequently uses this power to vibrate his entire body to conceal his identity from others.
      • Invisibility[54]
      • Phasing: By vibrating his molecules at the frequency of the air, Barry is capable of phasing through solid objects.[55]
    • Speed Mirages: Barry can use his speed to make it appear as if he's in many places at once, when in reality, he is simply bouncing back and forth too fast for the human mind to perceive the difference. He can create dozens of after-images, allowing him to disorientate his enemies.[56]
    • Speed Lending: Barry can temporarily extend his Speed Force to others, allowing them to move at super-speed for a short time.[52]
    • Speed Steal: By trailing another speedster, Barry is capable of siphoning off speed from them to bolster his own speed.[57]
    • Time Deceleration: When Barry and Supergirl ran around the Earth in opposite directions at just over Mach 7, they were able to generate enough centrifugal force to slow the Earth's rotation, along with time itself.[23]
    • Time Travel: Barry can move fast enough to break open holes in the fabric of time and space, allowing him to travel through time. This power was formerly uncontrollable, as the first two of his time travels were achieved by accident,[58] although Barry has since then gained partial control over this power.[59]
      • Reality Alteration: By preventing past events from happening, while time-traveling, Barry can unintentionally alter the present reality. This was displayed when Barry traveled back in time and saved his mother from being killed, and accidentally altered the entire universe, creating the Flashpoint timeline.[16]
      • Time Remnant Creation: Barry is able to essentially "clone" himself by creating a time remnant, a version of himself from either his past or future. He can do this by time traveling back moments before his current self time travels, producing a time remnant as a result, hailing from a future that no longer exists. This effectively allows for Barry to be two places at once.[60]


  • Artistry[61]
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Operation[4]
  • Cooking: He has decent cooking skills- It is demonstrated when he prepared omelettes for himself.
  • Criminology
  • Firearms[8]
  • Forensic Pathology
  • Indomitable Will
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Held his own for a while against Griffin Grey without powers. Even without his superspeed, Barry was able to swiftly take out two A.R.G.U.S. security guards simultaneously. Upon fighting Cicada for the fourth time, Barry stood up to him for a considerable period of time even when Cicada used his dagger, landing multiple hits on him without the use of his powers. Only losing due to the Cicada's superhuman strength and durability. Later, Barry's combat skills improved to such a level, that he fought on par against Ultraviolet for while without using his powers and ultimately bested his opponent by dropping stage lights on her.
    • Boxing: Trained how to box with Joe West, Iris West and Eddie Thawne; Barry even practices boxing in his free time.
  • Science[44]
  • Singing[62]


  • Hyper-Metabolism: While moving at accelerated speeds, Barry burns calories much faster than a normal person. While breaking down food far more efficiently, it requires him to consume large amounts of nutrients.


  • Barry is right-handed.[63]
  • Barry's birthday is March 14, 1989.[64]


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