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Barry Allen is the superhero known as The Flash who lost his abilities after his nephew and fellow superhero Wally West was possessed by an unknown entity and absorbed all the Flash Family's powers.

Barry Allen became the Flash after being hit by a lightning during a storm. Along with nephew Wally, who also became a speedster after being struck by a lightning, he fought crime and supervillains. In the early years of Wally's career, he dared to fight Captain Cold alone so Barry had to save him and joined the forces with him into take the villain down.

At some point in time around 2022, Wally was possessed by the Horseman of Apocalypse, Famine, who made the superhero hungry in a way that he confronted Barry and stole his speed; then, Wally proceeded to kill his cousin and Barry's other nephew, Wallace during an attack to the Titans Academy. In the course of years, Barry never lost the hope of saving Wally and worked hard to find a way to bring him back. They found hope in DeVoe's Thinking Cap.

In 2027, Barry and the other Flash Family's members, still powerless, received intel about DeVoe working for the Checkmate organization so, in order to have enough power to break into their headquarters, the Flash Family collected the Rogues' weapons.

After they finished collecting what they were needing, Barry and the other speedsters tracked DeVoe to the Alps so they broke into the Checkmate's residence. However, they discovered that DeVoe was not here as the Calculator was working for the Checkmate and he also possessed his own version of DeVoe's Cap. While Barry was defeating the Checkmate soldiers using the Cold Gun, Impulse used the Mirror Gun to surprise the Calculator and the Rainbow Raider's Prisma Goggles to quickly remove his Cap. The Calculator used a remote control to fire a laser beam that killed Bart who died in Barry's hands; the child's dead body was taken home by his discouraged grandfather.

While grieving for his grandson, Barry worked on the Cap, copying its design to create multiple versions of the object in order to let the Flash Family use them to project their minds into Wally's and help him regain control of his body.

Barry reached the other speedsters who were gathered at Avery's house where they discovered that Wally was killing superheroes around the globe. Using Max Mercury's hypermeditation, they tracked Wally and connected to him using the Speed Force's resonance frequencies: inside Wally's mind, Barry talked again to Wally who told him about Famine's presence and its crave for speed.

However, Famine had already sensed them breaking into Wally's mind and killed Jay Garrick before trying to get Barry; the superhero managed to remove the Cap and could not nothing but watch Jay's dead body in the hands of Max Mercury.

Barry understood he could not save Wally anymore so he returned to the Speed Lab where he planned to use all of his villains' weapons to finally kill him.[1]






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