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The Flash, real name Barry Allen, is a member of the Justice League of America.


Barry Allen is a forensic specialist for the Central City Police Department. There is no shadow on his record or his past. And when he is the Flash, he may move too fast to even cast a shadow.

Years ago, Barry Allen was working late in his laboratory when it was struck by lightning. The bolt struck him as well as certain chemicals in a nearby cabinet. The chemicals -- their composition changed by the lightning -- exploded in Allen's face and transformed him into a being who could move at super-human speed. There is no place Allen cannot be in seconds, no foe he cannot outrun or outrace. He has trained himself to vibrate his molecules at such high velocity that he can pass through walls and even into different dimensions and eras.[1]



  • Overactive Metabolism: If Barry runs too fast for too long his metabolism can harm him and slowly kill him.



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