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Quote1 It's nice, you know? That Barry Allen is a hero no matter what world we land on. Quote2
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Barry Allen, also known as the Flash, is the hero of the wasteland in one of the new alternate realities in the Omniverse.

Ten years ago, Barry's Earth was invaded by The Fraction, who devastated his world and left it as blasted desert. Barry discovered "The Pearl", his world's last remaining magical artifact which would undo what the Fraction had done, if he could get it to their original landing site. With the help of Jesse Quick and Mex Mercury, two heroes from another world, Barry was able to fight his way through raiders and reach his goal, where he used the Pearl to create a spring to restore life to the desert.




  • Car

  • He and his world are clearly inspired by post-apocalyptic fiction such as the Mad Max film series.



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