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Barry Allen will become the Flash.

At some point in his life, Barry Allen was struck by lightning and gained superhuman speed. In 2004, Bart Allen created a fake I.D. with Barry's name on it.[1] He had gotten Barry's name (along two others), through their connection via the Speed Force.[2] Years later, Barry joined the Justice League as "The Flash".[3]


  • It's unknown if Barry was one of the three speedsters, that Bart Allen encountered in Smallville Season 11 #12.
  • A vision in "Hourglass" shows a Flash emblem among the skeletons, alongside other members of the Justice League. As Bart passed away in 2011,[4] before the formation of the Justice League, it's probable that the Flash in the vision is Barry Allen. According to Alfred Gough, the show went with Bart Allen in season 4, instead of Barry Allen, because of restrictions from DC Comics.[5]



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