A forensic scientist for the Boston PD, Barry Allen had a mental illness which stoked his fears about the path of technological advancement. He wrote a manifesto in which he predicted calamity brought on by the perfecting of machine intelligence, and urged scientists working in the field to stop researching.

For this, he watched by the FBI for months, and no research was halted.

So, Barry took a different tack: using his knowledge, he bought a cocktail of drugs on the darkweb which crippled his autonomous adrenal response, and then used an injector to bring it under his control. He built the injector into a suit he made with a 3-D printer, which enhanced his reaction speed. Using it, he became the fastest man alive.

He used this ability to systematically kill smart people working in the field of machine learning in Boston, then using his position as a forensic scientist to interpret the crime scenes in ways that misled the police.

Barry was targetted by Executive Protection Services, who wanted his technology. By this point, his mental illness was a full-blown alter ego, who demanded that he murder all potential threats. EPS sent Michael Cray, who presented himself as a potential ally, and who gave him an address where he said a Pentagon-funded team worked on machine learning. The two men bonded over their mental health struggles.

That night, Barry went to attack the lab, but was ambushed at the site and shot dead by Michael Cray. However, Cray destroyed Barry's lab, out of distrust for his EPS masters.



  • Schizophrenia: Allen is a very deranged individual who is urged to commit murder by a malevolent alter ego.




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