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Quote1 I didn't know colleges still kept absent-minded professors on the payroll. Quote2
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Barry Metzner was an absent-minded professor and student advisor in Lake Shore University. In particular he was Linda Danvers's advisor.

Professor Metzner also researched human evolution. In the past he created an evolution machine to unlock the potential of his mind by turning him into a future man. But the results frightened him, and he reversed the process just in time, restoring himself to normal. Still, the experiment created a split personality. Said personality was an arrogant, power-hungry, ruthless megalomaniac that firmly believed Might makes Right. Metzner could only suppress his evil personality by hypnotizing himself into forgetting the incident.

Eventually, his mutant personality managed to take over. The mutant projected a huge image of himself above Chicago and declared himself the ruler of the city. His claim was challenged by Supergirl, who found his formidable mental powers made him a powerful adversary.

During the course of the fight, Supergirl figured out that mutant was her professor. Kara tried to reach Metzner out, urging him to take control again, and then deceived the mutant into thinking he destroyed her with a mental blast. The anguish of guilt caused the mutant to revert to Dr. Metzner again.

Supergirl chose that moment to reappear. A grateful, normalized Metzner said he was firmly in control of his other self again. Unfortunately he still had to do some explaining to the law, and the authorities took him away.



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