Quote1.png I got a new band, Sis! Death Until Death. Black Metal Forever! Quote2.png
Barry Quinzel src

Barry was the oldest of Harley Quinn's three brothers, a heavy metal musician, and a constant thorn in Harley's side.

Harley's brother Barry Quinzel took some time to become motivated and find his footing in life, and seemed to have failed at any number of things that he'd tried.[1] When he reappeared in Harley's life, he had only recently reformed and gained visitation rights to see his children, Little Nicky and Jenny.[2]

His earlier bands were in the heavy metal genre, and his latest was a black metal band called "Death Until Death" and he looked the part with goth fright makeup and piercings, and some truely unique - and ice-sculpture shattering[1] - guitar riffs.

Barry tried to be dark and brooding, but he was affected by his mother's death[3] as much as the rest of the family.


  • Music: Barry's guitar chords were occationally harsh enough to shatter ice.


  • Guitar
  • Microphone
  • Amplifier



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