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Bart Allen is a speedster from the not too distant future known as Impulse and later Kid Flash.

He is from 2056, at a time the Reach had taken over. With a make shift time machine, he returned to 2016 to prevent the death of his grandfather, Flash (Barry Allen) and thus ultimately stop the Reach takeover. As he could not return to his future, he joined the Team as Impulse. After the death of his cousin, Wally West, Bart later took on the mantle of Kid Flash.

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Bart at the time he was Impulse


  • Although Greg Weisman was not allowed to say, he suggested that Bart is gay saying that among Dick, Wally, Jaime and Bart one of them is gay (and Bart is the only one among them who has not been seen in romantic relationships with the opposite sex).[4] Bart was seen kissing Ed Dorado (Eduardo Dorado, Jr.), who smiled in response, and they were later referred to as a couple by Static (Virgil Hawkins).[5] Eduardo was also confirmed to be gay by Weisman and he is dating someone Weisman wasn't also allowed to reveal then.[6] The only male character Eduardo has an intimate relationship with is, as mentioned, Bart Allen.


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