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Bart Allen, better known as Impulse is a superhero speedster, and member of the Flash Family. He and his fellow speedsters lost their powers after an attack by the possessed Wally West. Bart worked with the Family to use their Rogue's gadgets against their former friend, until he was killed by Calculator.

Impulse was a younger member of the Flash Family years in the future. When Wally West became the host of a force called Famine, he attacked the Family and removed their access to the Speed Force. Bart and the powerless Family spent several years trying to stop Famine without their speed, using their knowledge of the Force and gadgets stolen from villains.

Bart participated in the group's raid on Checkmate, in an attempt to steal the Thinking Cap. While the rest of the team attacked Checkmate's forces head-on, Bart used a combination of several stolen gadgets to snatch the Thinking Cap from its new owner, Calculator. Before the group could make their escape, however, Calculator shot Bart with a laser, killing him in the process.



  • Prisma-Goggles




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