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Bart Allen was a young super-speedster who lived inside of a virtual reality program. Having grown up inside such a strange and inclusive environment, Bart knew every detail about the landscape (which was patterned after the 21st Century American city Keystone City).

In the early 31st century, the Fatal Five member known as Tharok hacked into the virtual reality network and began manipulating settings to such an extent that he was able to remove buildings and other landmarks from the simulation. As Tharok was in the middle of removing a building, the Legion of Super-Heroes members known as Bouncing Boy and Triplicate Girl plugged themselves into the network. This resulted in a glitch that merged several programs together, including the one occupied by Bart Allen. Bart met the Legionnaires and told them about the disappearing buildings. Bouncing Boy and Triplicate Girl contacted their resident super-genius Brainiac 5, who determined that Tharok was the cause behind all of the upheaval. At Brainiac 5's urging, Bart used his super-speed powers to distract Tharok and destroy his robotic guardians. This enabled Brainiac 5 time to interface with the VR network and disconnect Tharok from the system. Afterwards, all of the buildings that Tharok had removed from the Keystone City setting returned to their proper locations. Bouncing Boy asked Bart if he would be interested in coming back to the real world with them and joining the Legion of Super-Heroes. Bart told him "Maybe, someday" after he developed better control over his powers.


  • Superhuman Speed: Bart Allen possesses the ability to move at superhuman Speed. A side effect of this power includes a high metabolism, which requires him to consume large quantities of food.
  • Superhuman Reflexes

  • Although described as "impulsive" on the cover copy of his first appearance, Bart Allen does not go by the code name Impulse.


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