The Barter is a criminal tradesman who will sell and buy almost anything.

He appears to be a middle-aged man, but claims to be much older. He is said to be cursed long ago by a power "older and more powerful" than even the Lords of Chaos and Order, and can no longer give without taking, or receive without reciprocating. Barter is very charismatic. He speaks in a slightly archaic manner, his sentences devoid of slang and tinged with arrogance. He can be extremely charming or calculating vicious. He stand by his word, but chooses those words very carefully. Barter seems to have no interests beyond "the deal." People who seek him out are usually desperate, and so Barter is used to making deals on his own terms. He always operates at a profit - and he never gives refund.[1]

Barter's sphere of influence is considerable. He knows heads of state and powerful mystic entities. He has contracts in nearly every major corporation and institute. His vast holdings and assets include the Eiffel Tower (which he "leases" to the French government in exchange for meals at the finest Parisian restaurants) and a number of small dimensions.[1]

Barter rarely leaves his pawn ship, knowing prospective customers will find their way to him. This shop exists in its own dimension and can appear or disappear on any street in any town as Barter wishes. The front door to his emporium can also be magically linked to almost any other doorway. Closing the door breaks the link to his shop. Barter's store vanishes instantly, and whatever should be behind the door returns to its proper place unchanged. There are certain doors Barter cannot link with, specifically those guarded by magic.[1]


  • Power Distribution: While closing a deal, Barter has almost infinite power that he can bestow on anything he has and can take anything his customer may rightfully offer, from material goods to intangible talents, super-powers, or thoughts.[1]




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