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  • Aviation: Blackhawk could fly any aircraft ever built.
  • Aerial Combat: Blackhawk was absolutely the greatest combat pilot of all time, bar none.
  • Chemistry/Size Alteration: Blackhawk once deduced the formula for, and recreated, a chemical compound invented by the renegade scientist Zaroc. This formula, after he ingested it, when combined with a massive jolt of electricity, caused him, and his clothing, to grow to a height of about twenty feet, and charged him with thermal energy.[1]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic) Blackhawk and his team were famous for wading into well-armed masses of enemies, and laying them out with their bare fists.
  • Mysticism[2]
  • Robotic Engineering: Blackhawk once built a robot duplicate of himself,[3] and participated in the building of Zollo, the team's runaway espionage robot.[4]
  • SCUBA Diving: Blackhawk could do underwater welding or other rescue and demolition work.[5]