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Doctor Bartholomew Wolper was a fame-seeking psychiatrist who was critical of Batman's "fascist" vigilantism and criticized him for not observing the civil rights of Gotham's criminals, in which Wolper firmly believed that Batman's actions indirectly made criminals insane like the Joker.

He treated Harvey Dent, also known as Two-Face, for three years of rehabilitation; unfortunately, Dent returned to his Two-Face persona.

Wolper later treated the Joker and believed that he is successful in making his patient sane. He was then convinced by Joker into exhibiting him on a live television show hosted by David Endocrine, in order to "prove" that the Joker is actually a victim of Batman's own "psychosis." However, Joker had merely feigned his sanity, and one of his dolls proceeded to break Wolper's neck before fatally gassing everyone in the studio.[1]


In the animated adaption of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Bartholomew Wolper was voiced by Michael McKean. Instead of having his neck broken by a doll, the Joker slices his throat with a broken coffee mug after asking if the guests got to keep them.