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Barton Mathis was a serial killer known for torturing and murdering women. He was nicknamed the Dollmaker because of his tendency to turn the corpses of his victims into life size dolls. He was eventually arrested by Quentin Lance and sent to Iron Heights Correctional Facility. During the earthquake that leveled a section of the Glades, Mathis was freed by the Count, who described himself as a fan of Mathis' work. After warning the Count that the authorities will be looking for both of them, Mathis escaped and resumed his criminal career, this time with the added agenda of seeking revenge on Lance. Mathis kidnapped Laurel Lance, gaining not only the attention of her father, but the vigilantes Arrow and Canary. Arrow bested Mathis in one-on-one combat, with the intent of recapturing him, but instead, the Canary coldly executed him with a throwing knife to the chest.



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