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Quote1.png I'm just a hustler because I have to be. I'm like a better version of Robin Hood, except I keep the money for myself. Quote2.png
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Bashir, also known as Psych, hails from the crime-ridden European nation Zandia, where all super-villains can go to receive diplomatic immunity.

He is a conduit of the mysterious cosmic force known as the Sage Force, which provides him with a wide array of mental-based powers. Psych works as an information broker who steals a super-villain's secrets and blackmails them.

When the Flash came to Zandia as part of his Force quest to meet the conduit of the Sage Force, Psych deceived him into thinking he was an agent of A.R.G.U.S. looking to dismantle Roulette's criminal empire. After the Flash disabled Roulette's telepathic blockers, he exposed the Flash's disguise as a distraction in order for him to steal information from Roulette. Psych later revealed he had sold out the Flash to Gemini before being double crossed by them. It was only after Gemini stole their powers, were the two able to work together to defeat Gemini. Psych used his powers to kill Santiago and revealed the true nature of the Forces to the Flash before escaping.

When an entity named the Black Flash started hunting down the hosts of the new forces, Flash found Bashir, Fuerza, and Steadfast so that they could stay together and fight the Black Flash. However, Bashir betrayed them and escaped. This allowed the Black Flash to find Bashir, who was hiding on a train and kill him.[1]


  • Sage Force Conduit
    • Telekinesis
    • Telepathy: Psych's connection to the Sage Force gives him a strong telepathic mind. With his telepathy he is able to read a person's mind to learn about their past. He can also use his mind to project psionic attacks.[2]
      • Illusion Casting: Psych can cast illusions in another person's mind. He can do so on multiple minds at once, once making an entire room of people see Barry Allen with his Flash costume on, even though he was wearing a disguise.[2]
      • Psychic Link: Psych can establish a psychic link between his mind and another. This allows him to communicate telepathically with people and also allows people to see his thoughts.[2]
      • Mind Control: Psych used his telepathy to control the mind of Steadfast to use his powers in order to draw out the Black Flash.




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