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Psych, as Cisco Ramon nicknamed him, is the mysterious host of the extradimensional field known as the Sage Force.

In the aftermath of the Speed Force's rebirth,[1], Bashir Malik became the host of the Sage Force which gifted him enormous mental abilities.

According to the Speed Force, Psych, as the Sage Force, attacked it and wounded it enough to force the Speed Force to take refuge on Earth-Prime and seek Team Flash's help.

After wearing a tribal mask, Pysch attacked two Crows agents, making them see a reptile-like creature; as the Flash reached him, Psych similarly cast an illusion on the Scarlet Speedster, who saw Thawne and Savitar attacking him, and managed to escape.

Later, Psych reached a broker company and made its employees live their worst fears which was the loss of all of their money. The Flash, Mecha-Vibe and Frost wore mental inhibitors to nullify Psych's abilities and came to the crime scene: however, Psych's Sage Force abilities managed to overpower the devices and trap the superheroes into their worst fears; Barry broke out of his nightmare and launched lightning at Psych who absorbed it,[2] like Fuerza a few days before[3].

Eventually, Psych decided to make a Sage Force-powered bubble to trap all the Central City citizens into nightmares. After Cecile Horton used the the Thinker's chair to amplify her metahuman power, she was able to counter Psych's power and undo his nightmares, forcing Psych to disappear.[2]

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