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Clayface is a hulking monster made of living clay that can change his appearance.
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During the Joker's takeover of Arkham Asylum, Clayface was one of the few supervillains that was not set free. He is only seen behind his transluscent cell within Arkham; disguising himself as numerous people Batman is aquainted with (Warden Sharp, Officer Cash, Commissioner Gordon) in order to trick the Dark Knight into setting him free. Unfortunately for him, the Caped Crusader did not fall for his trick. He is on the Joker's party list with a smiley face next to his name.

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During the events of Arkham City, the Joker's health is rapidly deteriorating from the Titan formula's degradation into toxic chemicals. Despite his efforts, it became widely known that he is badly ill. Unable to afford this weakness, Joker hatched a scheme to get Batman to get the cure, which had been nearly finished by Mr. Freeze. Enlisting Basil Karlo to impersonate himself restored to full health and back on top form, Clayface would make several appearances during the game as the Joker, unbeknownst to both Batman and the player. Basil viewed it as the chance to play an ultimate role--for if he can successfully convince people that he is the supremely erratic Joker, then he succeeded in one of the greatest acting challenges in the world. Basil filled in for Joker publically, and even fought Batman at one point. In the end, he and Joker revealed the ruse, and Clayface dropped his disguise to fight Batman inside the Monarch Theatre.

Batman, armed with the sword of Talia al'Ghul and some of Mr. Freeze's freezing bombs, was able to carve off and freeze the various pieces Clayface detached, as well as freeze the clay man's main body. In the end, Clayface was drawn into some machinery around the Lazarus Pit and pulled into a fire--possibly killing him, but at the very least putting the notoriously resilient Clayface out of commission for a while.



  • Acting: Superb and flawless actor, and can shape himself to imitate other people, down to clothing and voice.


  • Vulnerability to Water: Being made of clay-like substances, which is like mud, Karlo is vulnerable to water and water-based substances. Having enough of said substances poured into his body starts breaking down its bonding ability and making Clayface weaker.
  • Vulnerability to Cold: Clayface's malleable clay body can be frozen and hardened, weakening its plasticity. [1]



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