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Basil Karlo was Clayface, an actor and master of disguise.

Basil Karlo was a famous actor in many classic horror movies. However, his mind snapped when he was denied the leading role in a film and became a serial murderer based on a horror movie character: "Clayface."[1] After fighting Batman and Robin a few times, he was remanded to Arkham Asylum, where he remained holed up for many years. After learning that a modern director/producer of horror movies, John Carlinger, was hosting a film exhibition on his yacht, the Varania III, Karlo murdered his psychiatric nurse and broke out of Arkham to exact revenge on Carlinger for not inviting him. Karlo confronted Carlinger with the intent to kill, but Carlinger overcame and killed Karlo, using his Clayface persona as a cover for his own series of murders.[2]





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